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Mission Statement
The Corporation is organized to foster, encourage, and promote charitable, educational, scientific and cultural activities, to support projects which normally would not be provided for by tax dollars, to further the quality of life in the Alma community, to receive any and all contributions and hold, invest, reinvest, manage or devote said monies or other properties so contributed to the uses and purposes herein mentioned, and to dispense, transfer, lease, dedicate or otherwise hypothecate any part of or all of such monies or properties as is deemed appropriate by the Trustees.

No part of the activities of this Corporation shall consist of carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation; and the Corporation shall not participate or intervene in any political campaign (including the publishing or distribution of statements) on behalf of any candidate for public office.
Bylaws                    Articles of Incorporation

Alma Foundation Annual Scholarships Awarded
2014 - Joseph Wilson and Jackson Bullock @ $750 each
2013 - Sam Weston and Lewis Clark @ $750 each
2012 - Grace Barrett and Soryn Wands  @ $750 each
2011 - Thomas Rightmire & Sydni Heffelman   @ $750 each
2010 - Dustin Selleck, Calvin Taylor & Alex Weston @ $750 each
2009 - Breanna Moreland & Jordon Hibbs @ $750 each
2008 - JJ Mulder & Annie Boukhalfa @ $750 each
2007 - Hendrikje Kasper & Aaron Watters @ $750 each

River Walk
The Alma Foundation donated $15,000 to the Town of Alma to help in the purchase of the property for the River Walk.

RECENT GRANTS for Some of our Projects in Progress

State Trail Grant for Trail Planning
State of Colorado, Parks & Recreation
100 Miles of Trail
Grant Awarded on December 1, 2006
Total Project Cost $30,700
Grant $20,000
Total Match $11,700 (In-Kind $7,900 & Cash Match $3,800)

Completed Project
Historical Structural Assessment
Colorado Historical Fund
Clesson Cabin a/k/a ALMA'S CABIN
Grant Awarded on December 16, 2005
Total Project Cost $7,250
Grant $7,250
Cash and In-Kind Match $0
Project Completed November 9, 2006

Stabilization and Preservation
Colorado Historical Fund
Clesson Cabin a/k/a ALMA'S CABIN
Grant Awarded on February 1, 2007
Total Project Cost $57,047
Grant $42,766
Cash and In-Kind Match $14,281
Stabilization of the structure & preparation of construction plans
Project Completed June, 2009

Colorado Historical Fund
Clesson Cabin a/k/a ALMA'S CABIN
Grant Awarded on June, 2009
Total Project Cost $47,586
Grant $33,586
Cash and In-Kind Match $14,000
Roofing reconstruction


Highest Non-Profit 501C-3 in the U.S.A. - 10,578 ft in the Clouds

The Alma Foundation is a non profit 501c3 corporation.  Our primary mission is to improve the quality of life for residents in the greater Alma area.   Project areas include recreation, trails & open space; historic restoration, art & cultural development; assisting local residents in need.
The first individuals that came to Alma in the 1870's were tenacious people with dreams and aspirations of making a better life for themselves and their families. As a result of the profitable mining in the immediate area, the Town grew. Our older homes reflect the booms and busts of the hard rock mining era and most of these homes are occupied today. Our predecessors were hard working, very intelligent men and women emblazoned with an entrepreneurial spirit; these people built our very unique community and Alma did not disappear into a ghost town like many other mining towns in the Rocky Mountains did.

The current residents of this high mountain town are very much like our town forefathers; we come from many different walks of life and educational backgrounds with varied skills and talents. We greatly value our clean, rugged environment along with our colorful history. We understand that we are the current guardians of our land and our past. As such, we are responsible for passing a cleaner environment to our children. We are responsible for preserving our unique history before time and the elements reclaim what might be left. Our residents, my neighbors, take these issues very seriously and they take action - they volunteer their services, their time, their money as seen in our renovations of the Town Hall, the Library, and the Community Building-Church to name a few.

Like our predecessors, a few people can make a difference. We have an entire town committed to make a difference.

Highest Non-Profit 501(c)3 in the U.S.A. -10,578 ft in the Clouds

Contact Info
Alma Foundation
184 N Main St
PO Box 338
Alma, CO 80420

Current and Future Projects
Ladies' Aid Society Building Rehabilitation
Alma (Clesson) Cabin Rehabilitation Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
The Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free download.  getacro.gif
Paris Mill Rehabilitation
Protect and Maintain Trails and Open Space
Yours to Keep Book Project

RECYCLE Cartridges for Kids
Pie in the Sky
Thai One On
Soup Cookoff
Festival in the Clouds
Blues, Subarus & BBQ
Wendy's Wildflowers


If you’d like to support the mission of the Alma Foundation, please volunteer your time or send your donation to:
Alma Foundation
PO Box 338
Alma, CO  80420

We welcome donations for our general fund.  If you have a particular interest, you are welcome to target your donation to a specified cause such as historic structures, open space, trails, literacy, children, etc.  Just let us know.

For information on volunteering, planned giving, land donations, conservation or trail easements, call the office at 719-836-2444 or email:

2013-2015 Board of Directors and Officers:
Tim Zingler - President
Andrew Zimmerman - Vice President
Megan Potter - Secretary
Mark Bond - Treasurer
Remington Baker - Executive Director
Nancy Comer - Town of Alma Administrator/Liaison
Coleen Geottleman
Bonnie Paffenroth - PR :
Sheral Ransom
Tim Balough - IT

Gifts & Donations Committee - Tim Zingler, Mark Bond, Remington Baker, Nancy Comer