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Highest Incorporated Town in North America - 10,578 ft. (3,225 m)

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Alma Area Broadband internet survey!
Placer Valley-Alma Internet Service Questionnaire
Please fill out and bring to Alma Town Hall or email to:
More info is available at the 2014 town events along with paper forms to fill out.

Alma Foundation meeting
Next Meeting Tuesday, December 30th @ 6PM
Alma Foundation meetings are the last Tuesday of each month at the Alma Town Hall @ 6pm.
Volunteers & visitors are always welcome.
Bingo 2nd & 4th Thursdays
Hey Matie!!!
"Murder Among The Maties" Mystery Dinner is January 17th.

$15.00 per person. Dinner will be provided. Should be lots of fun! Please RSVP to Nancy ( or 719-836-2712) ASAP if you want a character (by Jan. 9th for sure). Anyone can attend without being someone in particular, but its fun to participate!
Murder Mystery 2015-01-17

High Altitude Health Tips
• Reduce alcohol, caffeine and salty foods.
• Drink 3 or 4 times more water than usual.
• Get plenty of rest before and during your stay.
• Take it easy! Your heart is working harder at this altitude, so quit while you're ahead if you are tired.
• Wear sunscreen - you receive 30% more ultraviolet radiation up here than at sea level!
• Wear sunglasses with ultraviolet protection even on cloudy or snowy days. Your eyes can actually get "snow bum".
• Eat high carbohydrate meals, limiting fat and protein, for the first few days at altitude.
• In winter, keep warm and dry, and be sure clothes are not too tight or cutting off your circulation. Layering is best.

High Altitude Sickness Symptoms
Unusual tiredness
Trouble sleeping

High altitude sickness symptoms usually go away in a day or two, but if you develop a worsening cough or feel like you have fluid in your lungs - - see a doctor immediately!
When in doubt, seek medical help!