Alma Foundation

Alma River Walk

The River Walk will incorporate the serene aspects of the Middle Fork of the South Platte with historical and educational signage connected with a combination boardwalk and graveled trail. Mining equipment will be put on display to relate the mining heritage of Alma.

Existing facilities adjacent to the Riverwalk property include the Town park and playground, bandstand, Town hall and community center and the historic library. These facilities have been supported by previous successful GOCO grant awards and continued upkeep by Town funding and volunteer support. The Riverwalk project enhances and expands what the Town of Alma and GOCO have already invested in.

This effort establishes a Riverwalk Trail along the Middle Fork of the South Platte River, including a main trail, dock viewing areas, two trailheads, access to various parking areas throughout Town, and interpretive signage. Primary purposes of the project are to provide a beautiful recreational/educational outdoor experience for residents and visitors and to protect the surrounding riparian habitat by confining pedestrian use to the constructed trail areas. The proposed trail extends approximately 1,800 linear feet, of which 200 ft would be boardwalk constructed of pressure treated lumber. The remaining portion of the trail will be constructed of compacted gravel and crusher fines donated by the adjacent historic placer mine. The path allows viewers to be a part of the wetland ecosystem without disturbing the habitat and creates passive and active activities for residents and visitors.

Proposed uses focus primarily on walking, fishing, picnicking, and quiet enjoyment of the surrounding idyllic area. The trail design includes designated picnic areas on the trail and benches to provide views of the natural beauty of the river valley. This project should attract more tourists, add to business revenues, and increase the tax base for the town and the state.

The primary objective of this project is to preserve this beautiful natural area while allowing for sustainable access for all ages and abilities. To accomplish this, we are currently in the design phase for a 0.5 mile ADA accessible riverwalk trail. We received a grant from Colorado Parks and Wildlife Non-Motorized Trail program for this planning phase and as part of that funding we have engaged Southwest Conservation Corps to assist in the design of the trail to ensure a smooth transition from concept to construction. The next phase of the project are to hire youth corps crews to fully construct the trail with a variety of materials including donated crusher fine gravel and boardwalk. There are sections of the trail where the crews will have to build small boulder retaining walls, boardwalk trails, small boardwalk bridges, and platforms. Additionally, a saw crew will be needed to clear portions of the trail that pass through forested portions of the Riverwalk property.