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2019 Festival Lineup

Once again, we have more talented musicians willing to play than there’s time in the weekend. Thanks to everyone. 

Schedule as of April 30.

SCHEDULE (Subject to minor changes).

3:00pm                 Mike Royer – San Luis Valley folk curator.

3:45pm                 Crane & McCoy – Backcountry music

4:00pm                 The Vindicators – South Denver’s hardest-working blues band, welcome back

5:00pm                 Josephine’s Medicine – Enchanting chanteuse and her elegant ensemble

6:00pm                 Todd Johnson & Breaking Blues – Dedication to the blues

7:00pm                 John Nathan – Excellent singer-songwriter

7:30pm                 Phil Deaton & The Petty Thieves – A tribute to Tom Petty

10:00am               Star Spangled Banner

10:05am               Wendy’s kids – “Song of Peace”

10:15am               Roma Ransom – Gypsy jazz duo on the cosmic circuit

11:05am               Mary Jo Calandriello – First-time appearance at Festival in the Clouds

11:30am               Acoustic Moose – Singer-songwriter and harmonica player of great renown

12:00pm               Tracey Egolf – Toney local songstress

12:45pm               Announcements

1:00pm                 Johnny Johnston – Award-winning Colorado blues man

1:45pm                 Announcements

2:00pm                 Lojo Russo – One of the festival’s most popular performers ever

2:45pm                 Announcements

3:00pm                 Pint and a Half – A gallon of harmony-soaked Colorado Americana

3:50pm                 Alma’s Only Belly Dancers – Only in Alma

4:15pm                 Announcements

4:20pm                 Hippies with Blondes – “They play that old stuff so well…” Crowd-pleasers

5:45pm                 Announcements

6:00pm                 Split Window – Spreading joy wherever they go. “The best band in Park County”

7:15pm                 Guy of Iron Band – Songs of love and peace and Mother Earth

8:00pm                 Crazy Otto – When someone asks you to get on the bus you should get on the bus

10:00am               Late Night Sesh – RMac’s new crew, new songs

10:30am               Marc and Mouse – Father and Daughter first-time appearance on the Alma stage

10:45am               Joonya – Long-time festival favorite

11:10am               Announcements

11:15am               The Infused Gurus – Check the ingredients before consuming

11:55am               Announcements

12:00pm               Big Mike Aguirre & Friends – Blues rocking traveling troubadour from St. Louis

12:45pm               Announcements

1:00pm                 Adam Lopez – From Nashville, Bakersfield, and Colorado. Real-deal country.

1:45pm                 Announcements

2:00pm                 Dean Misantoni – Our local hero. Same time, same place

2:45pm                 Announcements

3:00pm                 Kevin Danzig – We’re happy he’s back. Award-winning singer-songwriter

4:00pm                 Bottoms Up Blues Gang – Oh no, oh yes, with their friends from St. Louis. And they’ve won some awards too

5:00pm                 Final Announcements

5:05pm                 The Infamous Nobodies – You might think you’ve seen them somewhere else

Sound and light provided by Leo & Pete, Buena Vista, Colorado. For more information call the Alma Town Hall at (719) 836-2712.